Friday, 28 November 2008

Nabaztag en France

It turns out that there is a new model of everybody's favourite wireless smart rabbit. Just away from the opera a vast department store had devoted its windows to such technological wonders dressed by various designers

This used to be a flickr account


In the past I used to take photos and periodically upload them to a flickr account. Sadly I passed the boundary for photos allowed on a free account and didn't think myself a frequent enough user to actually pay for the privilege of losing the copyright of my "amusing" photos.

And then I got a fancy new phone. A fancy new phone which has some fancy new features. One of them is sending photos to blogs. So this seems like the best solution for everybody involved.

So if everything goes to plan I should be able to update this while on the go. Possibly I'll get a twitter account too. Then I'll just be a few years behind the cutting edge. I suppose this also renders my seldom used livejournal account irrelevant too.

So hello!

Odie with socks

Normally i just say no to dressing animals up

Edit: This is the image I posted which created my new blog, so it precedes the introduction. I need to work out if I can tag my photos remotely too.