Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Busy pizza

It was wall to wall with people and it still only took half an hour to get a table. Really good and cheap too. No idea of the name though, it was off time square somewhere near a line of theatres

Every good hotel has a piano

So there it is

Gershwin Art

The headphones are connected to iPod shuffles. They play ambient noise. The face was a mirror. This was in the lobby. End communication

Stair use instructions

Now for illiterates

Toilet decor

With an important phrase we can all make use of

This my friends is a reuben

It is the best sandwich

Edit: Upon closer inspection this is just a turkey and cheese sandwich featuring green. It was quite nice but it wasn't the amazing Reuben I ate. A damn shame that I apparently took no photo.

Automated coffee roaster tubes

Freshly roasted coffee entirely wasted by push button coffee machines and bad seats

Black Friday

The day when GAP cheerleaders come out of nowhere and throw one another into the air and free jumpers into the crowd

For when the communists attack

We saw more than one of these

Father Christmas!

The real deal. This parade seems to be the official marker for the US start of the festive season. Christmas trees appeared almost instantly. Then an elf tried to steal my wallet

Macy's day parade, I choose you

I think i liked the pokeball the most. Yes, I said it

Another decent cup of coffee

There were so rare i had to take a photo. And a nice bamboo tray. It was in a bookshop

New York water

The statue of liberty is somewhere in in the dog too. And sharks. And the Cloverfield monster


And a black one at that

Vats o chocolate

Good times all round. Sadly the staff were very watchful so i was unable to gorge myself. The free samples were delicious though

Smoking building

We never discovered why

Free poems in the market

We found a cool Christmas market. Turns out it was secretly run by the English. Kind of explains why it was good

Our room had odd art

Apple face?

The Gershwin

Strange, cheap, good and central

Neon hell 2: Where the fire engines close busy roads for no reason

Fire stations are weirdly common in the states. As are fire engines driving around with their sirens on.

Neon hell

Or Time Square as the locals call it

I do not understand...

...but at least it's better than having water filled urinals like most of New York and/or Boston

Same coffee shop

Feat. Tom demanding answers from the staff using his superior accent. Also this place was right in our hotel

Now tipping is a bane upon mankind...

...but this is a pretty cool tip jar. And one of the few decent coffee shops in north east America

The best got chocolated in the world

Which was also served with shots of water. This was somewhere in Paris, so it was also hilariously expensive

Friday, 20 November 2009

Mega steak

Sadly the mega steak proved hard to cook well and was actually too much meat for one man to handle

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Cutting edge science

1 drill, 1 broken cover slip, 1 uv laser, 1 electrochemical cell, 1 older cell to weigh down the other one, 0 results. British taxes at work

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Slightly damp morning lessons

Seems to me like it should have been cancelled for emergency english lessons

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

The happy wait it is still september halloween orange

Does exactly what it says on the tin aside from rotating itself one hundred and eighty degrees

Thursday, 17 September 2009

A periodic array of holes? Outside a physics department? This can only mean one thing!

Photonic crystal! Just one which guides photons of about a metre wavelength. Which is ultra high frequency radio. Actually i am not sure what the refractive index of concrete is. This is about the height of physics humour and it is just crumbling like a welsh cheese when i start to think about it. The point is that they are drilling lots and lots of very deep holes right outside my office and the noise is driving of batty so if i want to make strange allusions to structures which hardly anybody will understand then i damn well will. WHO IS GOING TO STOP ME?

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Monday, 7 September 2009

Catalan Salad

Frankly i am not suite sure what the definition of salad is, but i think a plate of meat with two bits of cheese and some scant tomato might be pushing it.

I am easily amused

So easily

This is a bar, here we do drinking

Barcelona has lots of unique little bars. This one was like a Tim Burton film inside. And possibly also sold whole bottles of spirits too

Friday, 28 August 2009

Banksy watch: final weekend

This was taken from my department. The queue is now beyond the four hour mark i posted by another hundred metres or so. Really it would have to be the best thing in the history of mankind to get me queueing like that

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Sign versus crane

In a shocking defiance of logic, the queue for the banksy exhibit in bristol has simply got longer each day. And a happy little crane

Thursday, 13 August 2009


Other people were busy enjoying the view from the top of the Eiffel tower. Some of us had more importaqnt things to do.
Hopefully this is old enough that I do not have to feel bad that I laughed. And then made my girlfriend hold her bag to shade it while I took a photo.

Turns out they built one in Paris too

I think I prefer the original though

Green to green

A strange little bru installation in a former animal shed. Lots of panels of different shades of green and little notes with the names of shades written on then hidden all around. Strange but i really like it

Near the Loire

I do not suite remember where this was. It looks am awful lot like a disney castle though. And then i got sunburn


This is mainly as I have a friend from Barnet. I do wonder what there twinnings achieve though? Every town puts two or three(or eight in the case of Barnet) random foreign towns onto their signs, but why? I sense a conspiracy


Yep, those are cross sections of a cow leg bone filled with their delicious gloop. It was a good birthday

Down the well

Every home in france is required to have a well in the garden. This is for when the children are bad

Lost phone box in Trappes

This is in a new town on the outskirts of Paris. Nobody knows how it got there

The view from the top 2

And again at night. Sadly not during the five minutes on the hour where the Eiffel tower sparkles. Also no matter how good camera phones get they still can't take a decent picture at night it seems