Monday, 2 February 2009

The old crap part of bristol

The council even went as far as to allow the old, non-redeveloped, region of Bristol to have snow. But here it was less whimsical and more malevolent.

Snow tree

The crappy semi-settling snow is really highlighted here. Again, it's the city centre of Bristol which does in fact contain a strange old church type building (I think the sole purpose of it is to be hired out for wedding receptions) and a tree. A TREE! It might be dead.

You can more or less get the idea of snow from this

The floor may have been slick and wet but the thick white blobs made the threat of painful falling over worthwhile.

The roof is full of snow holes

Of course it would appear that my phone has the special ability to dynamically remove snowflakes from a shot. So all we have here is a picture of Cabot Circus, the exciting new centre of Bristol, when really I wanted to demonstrate what happens when snow falls on a series of overlapping domes with small gaps between them.