Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Step two: Fill bag with nitrogen

Or any inert gas of your choice. Or I suppose you could use any gas at all. Do it. Fill that bad boy with hydrogen and oxygen. What can go wrong?

Then you jam your arms through the inverted gloves and bodge your way through what should be an incredibly fiddly and precise but of science, but when every movement compresses the air so that you feel increased forces the further in you reach, and the bag is not quite transparent, meaning you can't see if the pipette has anything in it at all, it's quite tricky.

Then let it sit for at least sixteen hours. The little cardboard box which formerly held lemsip knock offs is to protect my reaction from stray UV.

Step one: Fill bag with science

This is actually quite hard, as things get knocked over. Delicate things. And samples flip upside down.

Then you seal it off with the handy clips, and...

Finally! A gum just for me

This originated somewhere in New York. Although the real story here is how damn difficult it is to upload photos to a blogger account on Android. Surely a smart phone should make this easier? But the browser really struggles with images being put inside it. I kind of miss my old phone and how simple it was.

Ah well, getting images onto a computer is not so bad. I WILL SURVIVE.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Village whale

What to do when some unknown terror from the dead lands upon your beach one morning? Put the remains in a park next to town hall!