Tuesday, 27 April 2010

I can think of three options

1) Cannibalism 2) Necrophilia 3) It was a squirrel commando who never leaves a man behind! I like optio three, it helps if you ignore how fat he is as this implies one or both of the first two

Why hello there Mr Squirrel! Whatever is that in your mouth?

Hint: It is another squirrel

Peanut butter burger: tastes much better than it looks

Poor man's satay or the future? Also big mushroom, kale, sautéed potatos and salad

Number one in our labelling things that do not need labels series: No shit

I seem to really like spinach

A few days after the steak i did something very similar but with homemade furikake and delicious lime marinaded salmon

Black up, it's the code word. No matter where you say it...

Oh France and your stealing of english phrases that you do not quite understand. For reference: naming a makeup range Black Up, not okay

Steak and friends

Steak, japanese rice, charred red peppers, spinach and olives. Two thumbs fresh although i slightly over did the steak