Thursday, 7 April 2011

A third challenger!?

I found myself in a supermarket, or possibly a minimarket, earlier and while trying to find tuna happened upon an unreasonably large selection of coffee. And what caught my eye but the Maison Du Cafe's "L'or espresso", which I have spoken about previously. Those were priced at about three euros per box of ten and were for me at least noticeably lower quality. These were only two euros fifty a box of ten, so a competitive 25cents each (about 22p versus the Nespresso charge of 25ish) but what's more is that they are biodegradable.

Rather than a foil on the base of the cap, the material is more like a coffee filter and from my understanding of the helpful note inside about what to do with these strange little objects, they will merrily vanish in a few months in a compost heap. This is a fairly big deal, as even with Nespresso's recycling scheme, you have to physically go there and dump the capsules yourself, or be at home when the courier delivers your next batch.

So cheaper and easily to dispose of. That's two thumbs up, but such things are just notes in the margin. It's coffee, what matter is how delicious it is.

You can see in the photo that the espresso produced looks perfectly respectable and the taste is A-OK too. Looks like I need another blind taste test...