Friday, 28 August 2009

Banksy watch: final weekend

This was taken from my department. The queue is now beyond the four hour mark i posted by another hundred metres or so. Really it would have to be the best thing in the history of mankind to get me queueing like that

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Sign versus crane

In a shocking defiance of logic, the queue for the banksy exhibit in bristol has simply got longer each day. And a happy little crane

Thursday, 13 August 2009


Other people were busy enjoying the view from the top of the Eiffel tower. Some of us had more importaqnt things to do.
Hopefully this is old enough that I do not have to feel bad that I laughed. And then made my girlfriend hold her bag to shade it while I took a photo.

Turns out they built one in Paris too

I think I prefer the original though

Green to green

A strange little bru installation in a former animal shed. Lots of panels of different shades of green and little notes with the names of shades written on then hidden all around. Strange but i really like it

Near the Loire

I do not suite remember where this was. It looks am awful lot like a disney castle though. And then i got sunburn


This is mainly as I have a friend from Barnet. I do wonder what there twinnings achieve though? Every town puts two or three(or eight in the case of Barnet) random foreign towns onto their signs, but why? I sense a conspiracy


Yep, those are cross sections of a cow leg bone filled with their delicious gloop. It was a good birthday

Down the well

Every home in france is required to have a well in the garden. This is for when the children are bad

Lost phone box in Trappes

This is in a new town on the outskirts of Paris. Nobody knows how it got there

The view from the top 2

And again at night. Sadly not during the five minutes on the hour where the Eiffel tower sparkles. Also no matter how good camera phones get they still can't take a decent picture at night it seems

The view from the top 1

I am not sure what else you could really want from a view in Paris