Friday, 18 February 2011

I remember these from sunny Manchester

A typical Parisian scene (you can tell its in France as everybody is wearing a scarf), but what is that on the wall there?

Why it's either Bub or Bob from legendary C64 masterpiece Bubble Bobble. I'm not sure why he wants to be left alone, but he does have friends. Space Invaders are all over the show, and I can only assume that there are other classic characters in other areas.

Now, as the title suggests, this used to be common in another city. Manchester. Although there it was just Space Invaders. From what I remember it was some artist who then decided to make some trainers with a Space Invader in the sole, so you left them in your footprints when walking on sand, snow or mud. An interesting idea.

If it is the same person or group, I may have to pick up some of the shoes this time.

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