Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The results are in

Two coffees. Two distinctly different coffees. You can even see the difference in the photo (which once again features the delightful cups which are most likely older than myself, like a lot of our crockery, which I am very prone to breaking).

So which looks better? Lefty or Righty?

Which is the "pirate coffee"?

Which tastes better?

This was a genuine blind test. Or as rigorous as I could manage early in the morning. One cup had a small piece of sticky tape on the bottom to mark out the non-official coffee. We then tasted. Opinions were split, I preferred the darker coffee, finding the other slightly weaker. My girlfriend preferred the right. We both agreed, however, that the coffee on the right was the official Nespresso "Indriya". Possibly it was not the best choice to compare against the Maison Du Cafe's more balanced Splendente. Regardless, we were right.

So the verdict was an event split in coffee quality, which was unexpected.

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